iPod Button Design Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

How to use: 1. Press and hold the On/Off button of the speaker for about 6 seconds until the red LED and blue LED are flashing alternatively, now the speaker is ready for pairing 2. Turn on your mobile phone and activate the bluetooth function 3. Search for bluetooth devices, "BTS-06" will show up 4. Pair your device with "BTS-06", if password is needed, type in "0000", then you can enjoy the fun this unique mini speaker brings to you

V Tone Customer Testimonial Video

This customer from Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd felt thankful and express her appreciation by recording this testimonial video to us as we solved her urgency by delivering her order in the same day. Below is her comment towards our products and services: "V Tone is very fast delivery at all times."-Joanne, Colt Engineering Sdn Bhd

Samsung Printer Xpress C410|460 series

NFC Technology- Print? Fax? Scan? Wherever... Just TAP!!!

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